I had decided to stay back in durga puga vacation for development of my very own project Retina2, funded by Analog devices. I had already written a post describing my team’s selection into the final round, within which my team is now being funded by Analog devices for complete development of the project. I had also written some posts describing some useful algorithms and hacks which I learned during the process.

Our first milestone was to complete the sensor interfacing, that are going to incorporated in our final product. The interfacing was made using the ROS platform on Raspberry pi, and some Arduino nodes in between, to finally create a network of sensors running parallely (independent of failure of another one), rosnodes, rostopics that are communicating efficiently and reducing computational load on raspberry’s processor. I think the pace with which we are progressing towards project development is optimal. Moreover, the knowledge gain and hacks learned during the process, have enlightened me.

Here is the link to the video, which highlights the development made up till yet.

Now I am heading towards main algorithm of the project, that is, human localization using GAIT analysis. Currently, I am into reading papers and journals related to GAIT, and I will surely brief some important papers here in few days.

Please leave suggestions, I would try my best to incorporate it !!

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