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Mechanical Engineering is in itself is too enthralling to satiate. Moreover, when coupled with the insights from Automation, Electronics and Programming, the satisfaction of learning is really stupendous !!


I am a fifth year dual degree student from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India. I have most of my time dedicated to various aspects of robotics, especially computer vision and deep learning. As a fresher, I tried to gain immense knowledge of robotics hardware and platforms, and hence today I am self-sufficient and versatile enough to do a robotics project on my own. At university, my life is mostly occupied with academics and automating the boring stuff by keeping myself involved in projects, making and reading. I try to post maximum of my experiences on this website to help other hackers and robotics fellas with troubleshooting and ideas.


I have always found interest in subjects like Kinematics, Dynamics, Designing and analysis, and Control System design. This have already lead me to pursue Mechanical Engineering as my major for the college tenure at IIT Kharagpur. I always try to find some application and implement what I learn from my academics to the robotic activities I do. It actually “tops” my priority list ! 

Autonomous Robotics

Amidst of my very first year at IIT Kharagpur, I started to develop my interest in Autonomous robotics which soon turned out to be my passion as well as hobby that I wish to follow forever. I do think it would be still not possible to continue it without my working place , Autonomous Ground Vehicle (AGV) research group at IIT Kharagpur. It’s all because of some deep passion and interest towards the field that I keep on learning Electronics, Programming, Computer Vision even after having Mechanical Engineering as my major.

Hobby Robotics

Apart from working with Autonomous Robotics modules, I still find my Interest to to Childish Hobby robotics. It dates back to my school days where I used to get delighted with small motor actuating with battery and presently it gets to some professional height with all my knowledge in Electronics hardware, Mechanical designs, Image processing, etc. getting applied.

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